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Peter The Lamplighter - Framed E Anthony Orme Print 16"x12"

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Peter The Lamplighter, Fine Art Print by E Anthony Orme

" For this trick, all you would need was a long stick and some cheek. The house which I lived in was a corner terrace, which bordered a back alley. Across the alley were the backs of another row of terraced houses. At the end of the alley was a street Gaslamp. Now I need to point out that in those days, all the street Gaslamp’s were turned on, one at a time by a designated lamplighter. Our lamplighter was a man called Peter and he really was a great character, but great or not we had a wicked trick to play…and it had to be done. Peter had a bike and a long pole and travelled around from street to street, wearing his ex-RAF great coat and flat cap. He would park his bike against our lamppost and ignite it, using the long pole. He would then move on down the street, which was a cul-de-sac. Enter, we sneaky little urchins. We would climb on to the backyard wall, reach over to the lamppost and with a modified stick, turn off the tap.  On returning, Peter would spot the unlit lamp and scratching his head, would re-ignite it. We didn’t do this a lot, but I believe that Peter must have thought that the lamppost must have been faulty. Loved that guy! "

Nostalgic Street Scene - Fine Art Print. Based on the artist's childhood memories of the 1950s and 1960s.

Nostalgic Collection

Manchester & Salford Collection - Manchester has been an inspiration to me all my life. This collection includes nostalgic scenes from my youth of cobbled streets with gas lamps to present day scenes of the hustle & bustle of Deansgate, Castlefield and other iconic landmarks and public houses which offer a refreshed view and often rekindle memories too.

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Supplied in a black frame 

Size - 16"x12" 

All framing meets the Fine Art Trade Guild's Conservation Level.