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Shadow Lamp Red Balloon

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The new Shadow Lamps are yet another fascinating innovation.  The laminated paper lampshades have been double-printed to have shadowy hidden images on the inside which only appear when the lamp is turned on, and this change the lamp from a pleasantly decorated shade into something rather more interesting when lit. 

Banky's 'Girl with a Red Balloon' stencil is a perfect subject for a shadow lamp.  The outside of the 'Red Balloon' design shows only the red balloon but when lit the girl appears, set against a brickwork background. 


The lamp can be mains operated using the supplied USB cable and only requires a mains USB socket or USB plug to operate, or they can be connected to a computer, laptop or power bank battery.  They also have a battery option to use 3 x 'AA' batteries via the battery compartment in the base.

There are three lighting mode options  -  continuous, pulsing glow or a gentle tea light flicker.  These can be scrolled through by pressing the touch-sensitive switch on the front of the lamp.